Super Quick DIY Makeup Wipes!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Earlier this week, as I was perusing Flipboard, I saw this amazing Beautylish "How to Make Your Own Makeup Wipes" tutorial and I knew I had to try it.

I was especially excited that the recipe called for coconut oil, since I have a big jar of TJs organic virgin coconut oil that I've been trying to experiment with. All I had to do was buy the Burt's Bees baby wash/shampoo (which is 98% natural) and I was set.

Making these wipes took less than 5 minutes!

So after reading the reader comments, I decided that I didn't want to follow their instructions to the T. One commenter made a good point that because these DIY makeup wipes have no preservatives, they will go bad pretty quickly if I made a ton. I decided that the best bet was to just make a week's worth at a time and keep the container in the fridge, just in case.

I tore off 7 separate paper towel sheets for the week and placed it in the bottom of a tupperware.

Here are my ingredients for a week's worth:

1 cup purified water
2 tsp. Burt's Bees baby wash
1 tbsp. organic virgin coconut oil
1 tupperware

After stirring all the ingredients together in a microwavable bowl, I popped the bowl into the microwave for 20 seconds.

 After a second stir, I poured the mixture on top of the paper towels in the tupperware and closed the lid tight.

My last step was to just shake the entire tupperware around to make sure all the paper towels are soaked evenly.

DIY Wipes Cost
14 cents for 7 paper towel sheets
23 cents for 1 tbsp coconut oil
29 cents per 2 tsp. batch Burt's Bees baby wash
30 cents for 1 cup purified water
Total= 96 cents for 7 wipes

DIY wipes = 14 cents a wipe
Garnier wipes= 28 cents a wipe

More Details on Cost Breakdown:
COCONUT OIL $7 for 30 tbsp., which comes out to 23 cents a tbsp.
PAPER TOWELS $3 for paper towel roll, 150 sheets per roll, which comes out to 2 cents a sheet
BABY WASH $6.99,  2 tsp = 0.33 oz., 8 oz. /0.33 oz. = 24 batches, 
$6.99/ 24 batches= 29 cents per 2 tsp. batch 

Here's My Makeup Wipe Selfie :)

I also cut a X on the lid following Beautylish's suggestions, but I think with my Glad tupperware container, it didn't work so great, so I suggest skipping that step. I've had to wring them out a little bit over the sink to get rid of the excess liquid, but once I do that, these DIY wipes work perfectly! And because they're refrigerated, they feel SO GREAT on my face. You can definitely use any other oil, like olive, jojoba, or grapeseed oil as well. I just like coconut oil because of all the great skin-saving properties and its amazing smell.

Yay for Beautylish's great idea, and yay for saving money the natural way!

Hope you enjoyed! 
xo, Anaïs

All of the products I mention above I have purchased myself with my own money 
or they have been gifts from family and friends.

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