A Little Riri Woo Review

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Love her or hate her as a performer/person, you can't deny that Rihanna's makeup is flawless. When I heard that she was going to partner up with MAC on special collections this year, I was like #musthaveinmylife. The first release was Rihanna's version of Ruby Woo, Riri Woo, which came out for a limited time back in the spring. Unfortunately, it sold out like hotcakes and I wasn't able to grab it. But then I heard Riri Woo was coming back in June with the Riri Hearts MAC Summer collection, so I was determined to get one then.

On June 18, the second the Riri Hearts MAC Summer collection went on sale, I jumped for it. When it came in the mail a few days later, I went straight to the balcony to take some pictures.

First Impressions
I absolutely love Rihanna's signature on the lipstick! I like that it's the normal MAC packaging as well. The color is absolutely gorgeous as well, of course. Temptalia describes it as a "medium-dark lipstick with strong cool undertones and a matte finish." It's still bright though, but definitely not a hot red.

MAC describes Riri Woo's texture (along with the other two lipsticks in the collection) as "retro-matte." Now I had no idea what that means. But to see if there was a difference between retro-matte and matte, I swatched MAC's Russian Red on my hand for a side-by-side comparison. 

 Riri Woo on the left, Russian Red on the right
Russian Red is a regular matte shade, and is much less stiff than Riri Woo, a retro-matte
Both are cool-toned, but Russian Red is cooler and darker than Riri Woo 

 Riri Woo, sloppily applied (hehe)

Russian Red (applied slightly better, barely)

Riri Woo on the left, Russian Red on the right
Both flatter my skintone and make my teeth look super white
I think I'm going to make Riri Woo my "day red" and Russian Red my "night red"

Overall, I'm very glad I picked up Riri Woo. I love that the color is a medium red, as its wearable for all occasions, and the fact that it lasts forever. In the future, I'll definitely use a lip brush to apply for a more perfect application to counteract the dragging feeling when applying straight from the tube.  

Hope you enjoyed!
xo, Anaïs

* Both lipsticks are paraben-free

  Both of the products I mention above I have purchased myself with my own money 
or they have been gifts from family and friends.
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