A Couple Thoughts on The New York Times' Current Makeup Debate

Friday, January 4, 2013

This week, The New York Times introduced a debate that was right up my alley: whether or not makeup helps or hurts a woman's self esteem. It was really interesting reading the debaters' varying opinions. Obviously, I sided with the makeup artists ;)

As I'm starting a makeup blog, I have a few thoughts.

These are the reasons why I like to wear makeup:

1) I wear makeup to enhance my features. I love my eyes, which is why I pile on the mascara. On the opposite spectrum, I am not a fan of my thin lips, but girl you better believe I work 'em anyway with all my lipsticks.

2) I also love how the process of applying my makeup is a creative outlet for me. Playing with colors and textures makes me like a Salvador Dalí every morning, even if I'm just "painting on" BB cream and a little lipgloss.

3) I wear it simply because it gives me that extra bounce in my step.

I don't think women should ever feel uncomfortable with a bare face. It makes me sad when beauty bloggers or celebrities admit that they would never be caught dead out of the house without makeup. I think every woman (or man!) who's struggling with self image without makeup should take one day out of the week with a bare or almost bare face. You gotta let that skin breathe anyway!

In the same vein, I am friends with bunch of beautiful women who prefer the au naturale look and am always thinking how just the teensiest bit of makeup would make them look more AWAKE and just STUNNING. This year, I encourage those women to take one day a week and an extra five minutes to apply the basics: concealer, mascara and tinted lipbalm.

I hope that my blogs' tips and product recommendations will help both groups. Let's work on changing up our beauty habits in 2013!

And remember the most basic rules: drink water, eat right, exercise, take off your makeup at night, and wear lots and lots of night cream!

Here's The New York Times debate "The Power of the Rouge Pot."

What are your thoughts?

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